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Yuichiro Oda won the Special Achievement Award at The 60th Annual Japan Record Awards. Thank you very much for loving Oda’s music until today. It would be great if you continue to listen to it. Thank you…Read more

Yuichiro Oda Died at 68
Yuichiro Oda passed away on September, 17, 2018 at his home/studio in New Jersey, the United States. The Ceremony was held at Riotto Funeral Home in Jersey City, NJ. A lot of his friend said Good-bye...Read more

Yuichiro Oda’s “OTONETA DIARY 59″ is on Shukan NY Seikatsu Newspaper No.583. (5/14/2016) It’s about , a  Japanese singer, Yu Hayami. See page 3 .

Yuichiro Oda’s “OTONETA DIARY 58″ is on Shukan NY Seikatsu Newspaper No.578. (4/2/2016) It’s again about , The producer of The Beatles, Sir George Martin who recently passed away. See page 3 . Go To Shukan NY Seikatsu…Read more

I became 66 years old today. I’ll keep on performing, and making songs which can comfort you, so please support me! Thank you. by YUICHIRO ODA  

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