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Yuichiro Oda’s “OTONETA DIARY 59″ is on Shukan NY Seikatsu Newspaper No.583. (5/14/2016) It’s about , a  Japanese singer, Yu Hayami. See page 3 .

Yuichiro Oda’s “OTONETA DIARY 58″ is on Shukan NY Seikatsu Newspaper No.578. (4/2/2016) It’s again about , The producer of The Beatles, Sir George Martin who recently passed away. See page 3 . Go To Shukan NY Seikatsu…Read more

I became 66 years old today. I’ll keep on performing, and making songs which can comfort you, so please support me! Thank you. by YUICHIRO ODA  

Date: December 21, 2015 (Mon)      Open 6:00 PM  Start 7:00 PM Place: HARAJUKU CROCODILE in TOKYO Tickets: Advance¥3000    On the day ¥3500 Artists: YUICHIRO ODA (G/Vo), KUNIHIKO TAKAYA (Dr), YOSHIO YAMAGUCHI (Bass), MICHIKO…Read more

Date: December 17, 2015 (Thu)      Open 6:30 PM  Start 7:00 PM Place: Mahcome Hall in Shizuoka Tickets: Advance¥6000    On the day ¥6500 Artists: YUICHIRO ODA (G/Vo), YOSHIRO ISOZUMI & TERRYS, BILLY KATADA (Vo)…Read more

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