Oda composed and / or performed on the major projects listed below:


1992 Performed for an audience of 1,700,000 at “OH-EDO Fire Works Festival” with a legendary pianist, WALTER BISHOP JR.
Performed at Birdland Jazz Club with ALAN CHIP WHITE, and WALTER BISHOP JR.
Performed for Hartford Jazz Festival in Hartford, Connecticut.> Read more
1993 Composed “Hizashi”(Little Sunshine) for the Fuji Sankei Group’s
40th Anniversary Event “NOMA”(New York Museum of Modern Art) Exhibition.> Read more
1996 Epic Sony released a CD and CD-ROM of songs Oda composed for the
“Irene Mayer Exhibition Festival“ held in Yurakucho. Oda was also invited to the
“Finland Airlines Europe Jazz Festival” as a great performer that same year.> Read more
1997 Chosen to be a composer and arranger for the official Nagano Olympic Games,
as a result his song “Forever More” was successfully released.> Read more
1999 Oda was again invited to the “Finland Airlines Europe Jazz Festival”
as a great performer.Oda moved to New Jersey,U.S.A.from Tokyo,Japan.> Read more
2000 BMG released Oda’s greatest hits album,”The Best of Oda”.> Read more
2001 Oda’s started working in collaboration with American artists.> Read more
2003 Oda was a featured guest artist for “Philadelphia Film Festival”.> Read more
2005 Yuichiro Oda Japan Tour.> Read more
2007 Produced Mayo Shono’s album “Reminiscence Red”.> Read more
2008 Performed with a Jazz legend, Thelonious Monk Jr. for “Do Enka Concert”
at The Museum of The City of New York.> Read more
2010 Performed with Thelonious Monk Jr. for “Do Enka Concert”?at The
Museum of?The city of New York again to commemorate 150 years of ties between Japanese and New Yorkers.> Read more
2011 Performed for The Benefit Concert for Japan at Aaron Davis Hall in Harlem, New York City.
Produced Mayo Shono’s album “Reminiscence Blue”.> Read more
2012 Performed for “Sakura Cherry Blossom Festival” to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the gift of cherry blossom trees to New York from Japan.> Read more


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