Yuichiro Oda

Music Producer, Composer, Musician, Vocalist








Yuichiro Oda was born in Kagoshima,Japan. At an early age he discovered a love for music and became proficient in such styles as pop,jazz,and classical. Oda has shared his songwriting and producing talents with many artists in Japan including: Ryuichi Sakamoto,Seiko Matsuda,and Toshihiko Tahara. In the United States Oda has worked with artists such as Tom Scott,Ernie Watts, George Duke,The Brothers Johnson and Larry Carlton.

In the early eighties Oda established an outstanding sales base and earned national recognition in Japan. His first big hit “American Feeling” was chosen by the Ministry of Education to be part of the authorized music taught to Japanese students. Oda has also composed songs for several feature films,television programs, dramas and quiz shows. In 1982,for example,his song “Dirty Hero” was included in a feature film produced by the major motion picture company,Kadokawa.

Special Video “BLUE CORAL(Sangosho)” / Written by YUICHIRO ODA
Video by Yohei Suzuki

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